January 2019   
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Otis Cayton

It is with a humble heart and a spirit of gratitude that I serve as Director of Missions of Frisco Baptist Association. I am humbled that God would consider me as a servant and grateful to the churches of Frisco association for allowing me to serve in this capacity.

My main focus is to lead our churches to grow the kingdom of God by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether a church chooses the method of door to door evangelism, building relationships to bring the unsaved into church to hear the gospel or emphasizing discipleship training that our people may live their lives in such a way that reflects the love of Jesus and therefore leads the unsaved to trust Jesus, is a church decision, however we encourage each of our churches to be aggressive with some method of evangelism.

I am convinced that the starting point for each of us is personal cleansing. Until we get before God and seriously seek personal cleansing, we will never have a Christ like passion to see the lost saved. A lack of passion for a particular cause will always lead to a lack of zeal and effort. Our need today is not a new strategy, but our need is a zeal to do whatever we can to grow the kingdom.

May all of Godís churches recommit to cooperate together to grow Godís kingdom, remembering that we can accomplish much more working together than we ever could alone.

In His Service,



Celina Vasconcellos

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I came to the Frisco Baptist Association in July of 2017 and have been amazed at the kindness and love shown by the leaders and members of our churches.  This assocation is blessed to have an abundance of people with hearts for Christ!  It is my hope and prayer that in the years ahead, I can serve in a way that also serves God and can assist the churches of the Frisco Assocation in any way possible.